Welcome To The New LCC!

I figured it was about time for some ch-ch-changes around here! If you haven’t already seen it, welcome to the new and improved redesign of the LCC! I am so excited to share with you all of the new features, besides the new look and feel, as well as my process of working with a professional designer and developer. Before I get to the nitty gritty, I want to know, do you like the new feel? What do you want to start seeing more of on the blog? Drop me a line below or tweet me and I will take every sweet note into consideration throughout the next couple of weeks. 

So for my redesign I worked with Victoria + Lisa. I chose them because ever since I started reading blogs, the sites they designed stood out to me. (I was so inspired by Jess, Grace, & Kendi’s sites that they recently did!) I also love that every site they designed didn’t look exactly the same and cookie-cutter. I’m sorry bloggers, call me a bitch, but I’m so sick of seeing every site look the same but with a new logo at the top. Come on people, we’re better then this! We take so much time into creating beautiful content for our audience, but what they really first see is our site. You have to make this stand out, in my opinion!


The process started with a design questionnaire and then I created a private Pinterest board to pin inspiration to. The next step was for Victoria to create a moodboard.. Boy did she knock it out of the park with this one! I’m so in love I want to just frame it and keep it forever. With rounds of feedback she then came up with initial logos. I honestly think that was the hardest part because it represents your brand so much. I loved them all but felt this one best represented who I was, where I want to go, etc.

It was a similar process for designing the site layout and navigation. She designs a few mockups, we talked, decided what about each one I was loving and hating, and then comes the final design! Once Victoria was done designing the site she hands it off to Lisa to code. (A superhero if you ask me, I think that’s such a foreign language!) And now here we are! The site features a few new fun things:

Dual Layout Design.

So I wanted to do a more editorial layout, but I also know not everyone likes that. So Victoria recommended combining the two! You can now decide which way you war to read the LCC, whether that be editorial so you can pick the posts you want to read, or a more traditional scrolling layout. Just click the button at the top that says “Classic Blog Mode” OR type this link into your reading list.

Easy-To-Search Archive Pages.

We’ve categorized each page into easy-to-search content! For outfits you can now search by season, you can search for a specific type of DIY, and we’ve categorized recipes into which meal you’re looking for! There’s also a drop-down menu for each category in the top navigation bar if you just want to see a specific type of posts.

An Updated About Page.

Our old About page was a little boring, don’t you think? We’ve added a little bit more information on the blog, about me, as well as all of our editors and creatives who help make this site amazing! Take a second to meet each of them, you’ve probably read their articles but didn’t know who they were! We now have an editor for beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and food/fitness. Our creative geniuses are those who help behind-the-scenes. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be able to maintain this blog without all of them!

Shop With Us!

We’ve now broken our Shop page into boutiques, so that you can shop just clothing, just jewelry, etc., at a time. We’ve also listed out all of our favorite stores that we moderately stalk!

Mobile Friendly.

After evaluating how many of you read the LCC on your mobile devices I decided to make the plunge for a mobile friendly site. Sure, it’s more expensive, but readers really appreciate when you take that extra step.

I think that’s it! Overall, I am so so so happy with how this project turned out. I feel like the LCC now matches my personal aesthetic much more, as well as the content’s. Hiring a professional designer and developer can be an investment in time and money, but it was so worth it! Working with Victoria and Lisa was an incredible experience and I highly recommend checking out their other projects! 


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  1. Hooray! It was so much fun to work on this project with you, and I love how it all came together! Happy blogging! 😀

    Published August 9, 2016Reply
    • Taylor said:

      All thanks to you! Xo

      Published August 10, 2016Reply
  2. the new site design looks amazing! congrats! xo

    Published August 10, 2016Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Thank you Danielle! Loved meeting you at #TBScon! Xo

      Published August 10, 2016Reply
  3. Alexandra said:

    I love your blog’s new design!! It’s so nice and feels so chic!

    Published August 13, 2016Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Thank you Alexandra!

      Xx Taylor

      Published August 13, 2016Reply