Shopbop Surprise Sale!

Guess what? One of the best online stores, Shopbop is having one heck of a surprise sale! They only do this occasionally, but when they do I suggest making a run for it! Things sell out pretty quickly, and the sale ends November 3rd, so I’ve rounded up my top 8 picks from the Shopbop sale that I would be purchasing. This is a great opportunity to browse designers that normally never get marked down. Some of my favorites are Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Rebecca Minkoff. Speaking of the later designer – we all know that I’m very brand loyal to her bags. (I mean, there’s lots of proof – this Mini MAB, the Mini MAC, or even the Medium MAB tote.)

Let’s get shopping, ladies and gentlemen! Hint hint – great time to buy your lady a Christmas gift, or two!

Shop my favorites:

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