Sensational Tips To Create Your Own Spring-Cleaning Kit

It's springtime! For millions of people, spring translates into home cleaning, a pretty boring task that not everyone likes to do. Home cleaning is not only time-demanding, but it also requires a lot of effort… that's why many people tend to postpone their home cleaning!

If you are one of the many people who doesn't really like to spend the time to clean and declutter the entire home, just consider our golden tips to help you make your next spring cleaning become a totally new and exciting time!

Stop Toxic Chemicals, Make Your Own Natural Cleaners!

Every time you use a product for home cleaning (for example, to clean glasses and mirrors), you are actually using a large amount of toxic substances. In fact, almost all the products for cleaning that we find in most supermarkets and shops contain numerous toxic chemicals. The fact is that while you are using those products, you can't avoid breathing those toxins.

So, our precious tip for you is to create your own home cleaning products: home-made DIY cleaners have the same effect as most products with chemicals, with all the advantage of being risk-free for your health.Bottle of white vinegar

  1. Basic cleaner: all you need to prepare this DIY cleaner is 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, 3 cups distilled water, 1/4 teaspoon tea-tree essential oil, 10 drops pine essential oil. Mix all these ingredients and spray on any surface to clean, like mirrors, glasses, furniture. You can use a cloth, if necessary. Keep in mind that pine oil is a strong germicide and that tea-tree oil and vinegar are both two natural antifungals.

  2. Anti-mildew cleaner: if you need something really effective and health-friendly for your bathroom mildew, mix 1 cup distilled water and 1 cup vodka, add 10 drops tea tree, 10 drops lavender and 10 drops eucalyptus essential oils. Now, spray on mildew and wait about 10 minutes. Finally, wipe with a cloth. Probably, you don't know that vodka is a powerful disinfectant. Lavender is also a natural antibacterial, while eucalyptus is a good antiseptic.

  3. Scrub cleaner: sometimes, we have to use stronger cleaners on very dirty surfaces. Today, you can create your DIY ideal scrub cleaner by mixing 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 liquid Castile soap and 10 drops lemon essential oil. If you can add also 10 drops lime and/or orange essential oil, that would be great to make your scrub cleaner even more powerful. In fact, lemon and orange can eliminate any trace of grease, while baking soda is gently abrasive… the ideal mix of ingredients for a perfect spring cleaning!
  4. Window and mirror cleaner: it's essential to have a great window and mirror cleaner to use at any time. Make your own cleaner this way: boil little more than 1 cup of water, sink 8 tea bags in the water and wait until it gets cool. Use this tea to spray on windows and/or mirrors and then wipe with a cloth. In fact, tea contains tannic acid which eliminates dirt and grease.

Domestic Safety Tips When Cleaning

Spring cleaning is often time-demanding, especially if you have many rooms to clean and declutter. Consider that there are certain home safety tips that will help you avoid emergency situations, for example, home lockouts or broken door locks.

In fact, it's exactly when we are concentrated in a job (for example, cleaning) that we tend not to pay too much attention to our doors. Moreover, during the springtime windy days are very common in most areas of the country. As a result, it's not so rare that people call for an emergency locksmith because they got locked out their home while cleaning the rug outside the door or something else.

More domestic safety issues concern the kitchen: it's where we use knives and ovens… either tool might become dangerous. A good tip for you is to store your knives in a hidden place, which isn't within easy reach for your children. Moreover, when cleaning, make sure that the oven is not on: cleaning products might seriously damage the internal surface of the oven and, what's worst, you might accidentally burn your hands or arms. Finally, avoid using toxic chemicals on ovens and other surfaces in the kitchen: your own DIY cleaners are your safest and most effective "mates" for a perfect spring cleaning!

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