Round Up | My Office Space Inspiration

office5 office1 office2 office4 office3 As you all know we are settling into our new home currently. Two spaces I have been iffy to finish are my closet and my office area because I just didn’t know the best ways I could utilize my space. When I tell you I dreamt of that first photo I am not kidding you, literally what I see when I fall asleep at night. I already hate a pretty white desk from my last apartment, but I am sprucing up my new space with a white office chair, some floating shelves, and lots of inspiration! What all of these photos have in common for me are crisp, white spaces, with lots of little quirks to keep inspiring the mind. That is what I aim for! I will keep you updated and share the tour will y’all soon, until then you can keep up with my moving shenanigans over on my Instagram..

Photos via Pinterest 

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