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ld5 ld-2 ld-4 ld-3 Another cocktail recipe for the blog, yay! Can’t wait to expand to doing food recipes, soon enough my friends! Today’s drink recipe is called The Local because we serve a variation of this about every time we have a “family” dinner. We love our spiked punches! This is such a refreshing summer drink.


2 ounces Stoli Orange Vodka 

1 ounce of your choice of Tequila 

1 cup Limeade 

1 fresh lime 

1 can of Sprite 

The Local Punch: 

This is a really, really simple recipe! Pour your vodka, tequila and limeade into your mixer, shake and pour over ice. Depending on how you like your drinks, add the amount you want of Sprite. (I added about two splashes.) Then serve with a slice of lime! This was Harrison’s version of our Summer Punch, mine will be featured soon. Enjoy!

Photos by Harrison Albert

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