Recipe | Oyster Hors D’oeuvre 5 Ways




oyst1 I’m excited to share another recipe with you today! I love oysters, but especially around the holiday’s since my family has a tradition of having oysters before our Thanksgiving feast. We also have them often around Christmas since it is a great food to make for a gathering. I shared with you our family recipe of Oysters Casino, along with four other delicious toppings. I hope you enjoy!

1. Oysters Casino; Cocktail sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon (In that order, bacon has to be on top in order to cook)

2. Siracha

3. Fried garlic & lime

4. Diced red pepper & siracha mayo

5. Champagne vinegar & parsley (Add chives or celery for crunch)

Photos by Harrison Albert

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