Recipe | Momma’s Famous Sausage Dip

sausagedip_1 sausagedip_3 sausagedip_2 Guys. We finally did it. I am sharing my first ever food recipe here on the LCC!! The spritzy drinks are nice, but come on what’s better than a good dip to go with it? My mom has been making this recipe since I was little, and honestly I don’t even know where she got it. It’s one of those things that when people taste it they say, “Oh my gosh this is so good what’s in it?!” Then you tell them, and they’re chin drops. Seriously, it’s the easiest recipe ever. Before I get to the steps to making it, I want to specially send a thank you to my three best friends Foster, Isabelle, and Harrison for helping me make this happen! Recipes are so much harder to shoot than outfits so I’m so happy to see this finally accomplished! Not to mention, Harrison filmed it all to show you a little about what all goes into shooting a recipe! (And guess what, you get to see me in my gross cooking attire! Yuck.) And what do you think? Would you want to see more recipes? Enjoy!


2 Packets of cream cheese 

Jimmy Dean’s Sausage 

1 Can of diced tomatoes, drained 

Salt and pepper to taste 


1. Cook sausage over stove until brown 

2. Mix together the cream cheese, diced tomatoes, and cooked sausage into an oven safe dish.

3. Cook on 350 for 30 minutes or until it bubbles.

Serve with your choice of chips or bread! Yum.  

Photos by Foster White

Video filmed and edited by Harrison Albert

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