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Phew, it’s Friday folks! I’m so excited because tonight we’re hosting a welcome back party for all of our friends (and probably their friends too). It’s going to be a blast! I’ve also been so eager to share this post with y’all. So, recipes & DIY’s are something that I’ve been trying to devote more time to, and thanks to the help of Hannah we’re finally doing that! Today I’m sharing 4 of my favorite juice combinations with you!

I started juicing when I was introduced to the Blue Print Cleanse (thank you Sam!) almost a year ago. I was totally into it, but boy was it expensive. Then when I returned home for summer, a new local business had started (you may remember this post about them) and I was convinced that I needed a juice-a-day-to-keep-the-doc-away. Here in Savannah I didn’t have that option of a fresh local resource, although we do have a Whole Foods- but thats about $15 a pop. The idea popped into my head, “Hey, I can totally do this on my own at home.” So I did. I have to say it’s a very messy process, but it’s so fun to come up with and taste different combinations! Here are my top 4, because trust me I’ve tried tons now.


1. Beet / Orange / Ginger / Lime- Isn’t the color of this juice stunning?! Beets have a very earthy flavor, so pairing that with sweet and tangy counterparts will make a delicious combination. You can play with the ratios to your liking, but I like it to be about 40% beets, 20% orange, 20% ginger, 20% lime. The biggest thing to take away is that beets can stain, pretty much anything in fact. Be careful while juicing this one!


2. Pineapple / Kale / Orange / Lemon- MY FAVORITE! I would drink this all day long if I could. (Remember most juices are very sugary.) If you’re a fruity person this juice is for you. The health benefits of pineapple juice are incredible, and it honestly doesn’t even taste healthy. Does that make sense? Just to name a few, pineapple juice can reduce inflammatory, protect against cancer, and even prevent asthma. Bet you didn’t know all that!


3. Apple / Cucumber / Kale / Spinach / Lemon- This is my version of a “green juice.” The apple gives it just that little bit of flavor that makes it bearable. (Sorry ladies and gents, I can’t do the straight greens.) On school days this is what I drink when I wake up. It gets me fueled for the day!


3. Carrot / Ginger / Parsley / Lemon- I’m personally not the biggest carrots fan, so I was trying to find a way to incorporate them into my diet without having to taste them. HA! (#PickyGirlProbs) Carrot juice is also extremely low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals. It is known to have a TON of benefits, but some include improving digestion, eyesight, regulate blood sugar, and even benefiting your skin. I was actually introduced to this recipe due to my awful digestion problems, and I wanted to put out there that I’ve seen a big difference since drinking at least one glass a week of this. For a glass of juice (that doesn’t only taste like carrots), I’ll take it!



I’ve started devoted two days a week to juice, then put all of them into mason jars. I mix the combinations when I’m ready to drink them, otherwise they’ll settle in a funky way. You do need to make sure your lid is tightly on, and drink within 2-3 days. Which combo sounds like your favorite? Hey, are you even up for a juice challenge? I wanna know! And if you have better combinations then share with the class. Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. – If you’re interested in getting a juicer for yourself but have no idea where to start, read this. It breaks it all down, even listing pros and cons of each type of juicer.

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  1. I am such a fan of juicing myself and am always on the hunt for new recipes. The kale/pineapple/orange/lemon combo sounds amazing and definitely trying that out this weekend! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xoxo Nicole

    Published September 26, 2015Reply
    • Taylor said:

      It is so good!

      Thanks for reading! Xx

      Published September 27, 2015Reply
  2. Annie said:

    OMG these look DELICIOUS!!! I want them all! Looks like it’s about time to bring out my juicer again…

    xo Annie

    Published September 28, 2015Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Yay, I hope you like them!


      Published September 28, 2015Reply