My Favorite Mrs. Meyer’s Scents & Products


I have to start by saying that I’ve really lucked out with being able to try almost every scent from Mrs. Meyer’s. You might remember me talking about their new body washes or the Spring Cleaning/Housewarming gift basket that I made… I just can’t get enough of this brand. As my last post in a 3 part series, I wanted to share with you my all-time favorite scent out of all of the ones that I’ve tried. (And trust me when I say, I’ve tried a lot.) Drumroll please… Honeysuckle is my favorite! Keep reading to find out why.

I can confidently say that I’ve tried all of the Mrs. Meyer’s scents except for Watermelon and Bluebell. You can find all of the great scents on the Mrs Meyer’s website. Like I said, out of all of the ones that I’ve tried, Honeysuckle is my favorite. Honeysuckle is a sweet scent that provides an air of calm as you clean. Often used as a cleansing aide, this fruity floral is known to be quite soothing and cooling!

Products Featured In This Post: Honeysuckle Hand Lotion, Hand Soap, & Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray

When it comes to products, I chose to feature my favorites here as well. You will find Mrs. Meyer’s hand lotion and hand soap in every bathroom in my house, office, etc. I don’t buy anything but this brand! The multi-surface countertop spray is a new find for me. I recently purchased it to bring to the office when I am shooting in order to easily wipe down our shooting surfaces. You’d be surprised how much a spec of chocolate will show up on camera! I loved it so much that I went out and bought more for our house. Well, my mom then loved it so much she went out and bought some for her house. It was a ripple effect!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Honeysuckle Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner takes the basic formula of their All Purpose Cleaner and adds a special Vegetable Protein Extract, a naturally fresh way getting rid of kitchen messes and bathroom odors.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day household products make cleaning your home fresh, fun and fragrant. As always, all of their cleaners are made with essential oils, are phosphate-free, and never tested on animals.

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  1. kathy hindman said:

    i wish i could try all mrs meyers products, speically the honey suckle

    Published June 12, 2017Reply
  2. Melody said:

    Honeysuckle sounds great

    Published June 13, 2017Reply
  3. Kathy said:

    I’m so happy I learned about Mrs Meyers Clean Day Honeysuckle cleaner

    Published June 13, 2017Reply
  4. Cynthia said:

    I grew up and still live in the Deep South, so the smell of honeysuckle was always in the air. I love the smell of honeysuckle!

    Published June 14, 2017Reply
  5. Kathy said:

    I am so glad that I started a new garden and I want to stay clean and nothing will work better than Mrs.Meyer’s Scents and Products.

    Published June 14, 2017Reply
  6. Patty said:

    Really are very good products

    Published June 14, 2017Reply
  7. Vanessa torres said:

    Sounds great I’ve never tried any of these products before

    Published June 15, 2017Reply
  8. The honeysuckle scent is amazing. Smells just like the honeysuckle that grew in my grandma’s backyard. Dealing!

    Published June 16, 2017Reply
  9. Tammy Mills said:

    Mrs Meyer’s Honeysuckle is one of my favorite scents. I truly feel relaxed when I smell it.

    Published June 18, 2017Reply
  10. Merrill said:

    What a nice and refreshing scent for cleaning the kitchen and/or the bathroom!

    Published June 20, 2017Reply
  11. Machelle said:

    Honeysuckle is also my fav!

    Published June 20, 2017Reply
  12. Diana said:

    Would love trying any of their scents sound amazing!

    Published June 20, 2017Reply
  13. Kelly said:

    love the lemon verbena scent for laundry

    Published June 20, 2017Reply
  14. Laurie Miller said:

    I love Mrs. Meyers hand soaps. I have them in the kitchen and both bathrooms. I have not tried the Clean Day cleaners. Will get the Honeysuckle one next time I go to Target.

    Published June 22, 2017Reply
  15. Laurie Miller said:

    Great products

    Published June 22, 2017Reply
  16. Carolyn said:

    I would love to try the honeysuckle

    Published June 23, 2017Reply
  17. Tammy Mills said:

    Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Honeysuckle is one of my all time favorite scents. The products are very effective and smells refreshing while getting the job done,who can complain about that?

    Published June 23, 2017Reply
  18. Jackie Huff said:

    I would love to try the new Honey Suckle scent body wash. Honey Suckle is my favorite scent.

    Published June 23, 2017Reply