Monday Mornings, Volume 03.

Monday Mornings are a time that I absolutely treasure. It’s a time where I sit down for a moment of solitude before the hustle and the bustle of the week commences. I reflect, research, plan, and embrace.

Start your week off right with volume of Monday Mornings - a list of readings, musings, shopping, + more. A weekly roundup to inspire, motivate, and curate.

Another Monday has rolled around! Crazy, isn’t it?! How many of you (including myself, guilty) are completely tired and maybe a little hung over from last night’s Super Bowl festivities? Take this Monday morning a little slower and start your day off with some reading!

Things I’m Reading Around The Web:

I just wanted to put out a little update that I’m still 200% loving all of my Pixi products that I reviewed in this post. Re-buying that H20 Skindrink ASAP!

Thinking about making a fun Valentine’s Day DIY with some extra succulents I have laying around. Love this roundup!

How cute is this stamped fabric gift wrap?!

I’ve been rewearing this outfit lately. Trying to get the most out of my ponchos before Spring!

Things In My Shopping Cart:

Other Things This week:

I’ve been putting off shooting Valentine’s Day content this year and it has totally caught up to me. This week the studio will be looking very themed, haha!

Later on this week we’ll be sharing the results from our 2016 Reader Survey, so if you still haven’t taken it yet be sure to before Wednesday! I love to hear all of your feedback.

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  1. katie said:

    These are great favorites, T! I loved the stamped fabric gift wrap!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published February 7, 2017Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Thanks so much Katie! I know me too, need to make some ASAP!

      Published February 8, 2017Reply