Monday Mornings, Volume 01.

Monday Mornings are a time that I absolutely treasure. It’s a time where I sit down for a moment of solitude before the hustle and the bustle of the week commences. I reflect, research, plan, and embrace.

Grace used to share with you all her Friday Five, and ever since then the idea of bringing back a “weekly roundup” is an idea that I’ve been toying around with for awhile – I even took to twitter to find your thoughts out in a recent poll. I was excited to find out that you’d like to see something like it on the LCC, too. Everyone seems to share their links on Fridays, so I’m trying something different with the new Monday Mornings series – a roundup to start your week off right!

Things I’m Reading Around The Web:

Julia made a recent trip to Savannah! Boy, how I miss those streets. It’s funny how excited I got when I saw all of these photos, and how I screamed to myself, “Ooh, she should’ve gone here!” and, “I love it there!” Seriously counting down the days until Harrison and I make our first return since graduation.

I love all of Emily Henderson’s designs, but her recent studio post has me all sorts of heart eyes.

I’m getting completely into nesting mode for some reason. I recently used all of these cleaning tips and tricks to totally wipe clean our kitchen.

Alicia recently wrote this post about Instagram Comment Pods. I’ve recently done the same so it was nice to hear I’m not the only one thinking this!

Things In My Shopping Cart:

Other Things This week:

I’m sure you’ve probably heard me complaining about being on the struggle bus when it comes to workflow and motivation lately. (Maybe I need to read my own words from this post?) This week is all about getting back on the horse, especially for shooting and scheduling out content. Above is a little sneak peek to a post coming later this week all about my recent experience with Beautycounter. Have you heard of them?

I’m also starting the week off feeling incredibly lucky to be a girl. This past weekend (if you live under a freaking rock, I’m talking about The March on Washington) showed the world how strong and powerful we can be. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there, but I definitely was there in spirit. Some of my favorite images from the event can be found here and of course we can’t forget about all of the creative posters.

So what’s looking up for your Monday morning?

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  1. Catherine said:

    I loved this roundup! I don’t see a lot of people doing roundups on Mondays so it is a nice change. You are definitely motivating me to start doing weekly roundups!

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

    Published January 23, 2017Reply
    • Taylor said:

      So glad you loved it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Published January 24, 2017Reply
  2. Lauren said:

    Loveeeed this! I’m so used to seeing weekly roundups at the end of the week, so it’s nice to start off the week with good inspo! So obsessed with Julia’s trip to Savannah and that cute Anthro top!


    Published January 23, 2017Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Thanks so much Lauren! And thanks so much for being such a supporter of the LCC!


      Published January 24, 2017Reply
  3. Caroline said:

    Loving your Monday roundup! Can’t wait to hear about Beautycounter!

    Published January 25, 2017Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Thank you so much Caroline!

      Published January 26, 2017Reply
  4. Caroline said:

    I love your blog and especially loved the piece today about Beautycounter. It was in target for a short period but no longer. Do you have a consultant that you work with to get further information on the products, how to use them, best sellers, what to buy for certain skin types etc? Skin care is so personal I feel like it’s best to have a “go to” person rusher than just a website. Thanks!

    Published January 27, 2017Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Thanks so much for the support Caroline! Yes, my friend Laura is AMAZING! Tell her you read my blog and we’re looking for more info! Her email is

      Xo Taylor

      Published January 27, 2017Reply