LEARN | The Don’ts Of Being A Better Blogger

beingabetterblogger_donts_tips_advise_blogger The LEARN posts I’ve shared in the past have proved to be some of my most popular posts. I shied away from publishing any in the last few months due to a case of what I call blogger-insecurity. I just didn’t know where I wanted this little space of the internet to go. I felt stuck. My creativity felt stifled. But after my summer intensive class I had a chance to head back home to Maryland for an unexpected two weeks, and I really embraced the vacation time and set to figure out what’s been stopping me. I’m back in Savannah now with lots of inspiration and ideas for the LCC, along with some excited partnerships coming up! We all need a little refresher don’t we?

So for the first resurrected volume of my LEARN posts, I thought we’d venture into a land that few bloggers want to touch on. Sure, there’s lots of tips out there on how to be a better blogger, but let’s talk about what NOT to do in order to be better. 

1. Follow Blog Trends: This comes to content and design elements. Trust me when I say (I am a fashion marketing major, studying trends CONSTANTLY) trends come and go but your personal style and perspective should be permanent. Don’t get me wrong, trends in fashion are interesting to try, and sometimes even stick (hello rockstuds, I’m talking about you!) But when it comes to content, please don’t try doing something just because everyone else is doing it. Your readers are following you for your unique eye, not to see what 50 other bloggers are doing!

2. Rely on Giveaways: Let me just tell you, loop giveaways are the most annoying thing ever. Readers and followers are getting sick of them too! Don’t rely on giveaways to get you followers, your beautiful content and distinct voice should be your sole focus!

3. Get Upset or Defeated: This is hard. I know we all feel defeated at times, hell I just told you that’s why I wasn’t posting any LEARN posts. BUT, what I mean by this is don’t get upset or defeated about the little things, or the things that you can’t change. Others are going to copy you, it’s going to happen, and it’s something that really ticked me off in the beginning. But as my mom used to tell me, “Copying is the biggest form of flattery.” HA! I did not like that saying when I was younger. Refocus that hate and energy towards what you can be doing to keep evolving (faster than your competition ;)).

4. Quality Over Quantity: Another little saying I’ve learned to embrace over the years. As I heard a fellow blogger say, “One AMAZING post can get you more views than 5-10 mediocre posts.”

5. Compare Your Success To Other’s: Saved the best for last. One reason why I think I got myself into that funk was that I was constantly comparing myself and my blog to other’s. “Why do they have 10K followers on Instagram and I only have 2K?!” “Why are they getting all the sponsorships?” STOP. The older I get the more I understand that this doesn’t help anyone! Just be happy for them. And then work your ass off 103436 times harder to get yourself there. #GIRLBOSS.

I hope these tips helps you! I’m looking forward to sharing more LEARN posts again. I am constantly inspired by Blair’s Blog Better posts. She has so much knowledge and it’s nice to see someone sharing the wealth instead of keeping it all to themselves! Where do you go to learn how to be a better blogger? What DON’T you do to get you there? I’d love to hear!

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