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Food photography tips and tricks from a blogger Hey guys! I know today’s post is a little different, but this is one of the most asked questions I get when it comes to the blog. As I get more and more into sharing recipes, my prop closet is getting a little out of control. (TBH, we don’t even have a “prop closet.” It’s all shoved underneath our bar cart and in a crate next to it. If we want to talk about #GOALS check out this.) So, here are a few of my most used items when it comes to styling…


Marble Slab – I think this is the most beloved thing I use to take photos on. First off, I use it for more than just recipes, I shoot the majority of my Instagrams on it too. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing tutorials for using marble contact paper instead, but I prefer the real deal, but that’s just me. I found one that’s under $50 here.


Foam Core – Most of the time we use white foam core as a bounce card, but they come in handy to have on set for all sorts of things. The photo above was on our marble slab but the background is a white foam core board. Black foam core also can be used to create moodier lighting. The next thing I’ll be picking up at the craft store will be other colors of foam core. I’ve been obsessed with Brittni’s photography and I’m feeling inspired by her use of color in her photos.


Wood 2X4’s and Stain – Since I don’t really like shooting on our dining room table we were looking for a piece of wood that would look better in photos. After about an hour of wandering around Home Depot, we decided to go with 2×4’s because the were the most cost effective and easy to break down after the shoot. We stained one side dark wood and we’re getting ready to apply a distressed white to the other. You can barely tell above that it’s not one big piece of wood! (Also seen here.)


Chalkboard Paper – Finding this out was honestly a happy accident. Harrison’s dad gave us a roll of it which was meant to be a table runner. Before this we used it a couple times when we had parties to label what we were serving. We were shooting these popsicles when I realized the beige color really didn’t pop against our marble slab. I randomly grabbed this and have been using it ever since! I love that it’s a roll, I reuse what I can and tear off the part that gets too ruined! (Also seen here, here and here.)


Cutting Boards – I like having a lot of these on hand in our kitchen anyway, so using them as styling tools just gives me an excuse to stock up! I find that we use them a lot for drink photos or ingredient photos. Definitely a staple!


Napkins, Cutlery, & Accessories – This is the fun part! Accessories can add the perfect finishing touch and interesting textures to your photos. My go-to stores for finding fun items are Homegoods, Target, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, CB2, and even thrift stores. The best part is that most of the time you only need one or two pieces so you don’t have to break the bank and invest in whole sets! Shopbar

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  1. Maggie said:

    Great tips!! I need a marble slap for photos I think haha.


    Published February 29, 2016Reply
    • Taylor said:

      It’s the best!! Thanks for stopping by.

      Xx Taylor

      Published February 29, 2016Reply
  2. I use this marble board ALL the time! love!

    Published February 29, 2016Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Ah, thank you so much for stopping by!! And me too, favorite purchase when it comes to blog supplies!

      Xx Taylor

      Published February 29, 2016Reply
  3. alyson said:

    Wow, found this via Pinterest… what a helpful post. I discovered the marble slab last year and am loving it in for so many purposes. The wood idea is GENIUS! Thanks for the great tips.


    Published March 1, 2016Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Yay, glad you found us!!

      Xx Taylor

      Published March 1, 2016Reply
  4. Carla said:

    These are great tips. I plan on doing some simple food posts. I am off to find me some napkins, wood and marble.



    Published March 9, 2016Reply
  5. Cat said:

    Love this list! I’ve been experimenting with large art paper for different colors 🙂

    Published October 26, 2016Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Thanks Cat! Definitely a trial and error type of thing 🙂

      Published October 26, 2016Reply