Learn | How To Manage Your Twitter

hoot_3 hoot_new It’s been a hot second since I’ve done a learn post so I’m pretty excited to bring this one to you! Even if you are not a blogger, Hootsuite is an amazing tool that almost anyone can utilize. Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple twitter feeds, as well as schedule your tweets in advance. And that’s not it, it can also be utilized for other social media outlets. There’s two important steps: 1. Make sure to select the social media account that you want it to post on. 2. Be sure to press the calendar button in order to choose the date and time of when your post goes live. I personally just found out about Hootsuite due to my internship, but for the pros feel free to leave any useful tips in the comments! I only signed up for the free personal account and am already amazed at how it has helped manage my free time. No more worrying, “Did I post enough today? Did I post at the prime hours?”

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