LEARN | Guest Post On How To Take Better Instagrams


Hi everyone, it’s Harrison again and I am bringing you my five Instagram tricks as a photographer today on the blog. Instagram has become one of the biggest social media sites for bloggers, photographers and everyone in-between. Now my five tricks will go over everything from editing apps, filters and even the best way to compose your photo.

1.) The biggest part of a picture, besides composition, is editing. There are dozens of editing softwares out there but there is one that I truly love, VSCO. VSCO is short for Visual Supply Company, and has all sorts of editing tricks from filters to polaroid frames. VSCO is only 99 cents in the app store and if you love the app you can download and purchase more filters then the standard twenty.

2.) Building on VSCO, my favorite filter is C1. I believe it has just enough contrast and image hue to give it that vintage feel that everyone loves, but still show of your awesome photo! Of course a tool of VSCO is that you can customize any filter in VSCO by hitting that little wrench button.

3.) Another very simple trick in VSCO is sharpening. Sharpening takes the pixels in the image and adds contrast to them, making your photo sharper (duh). But make sure you don’t over sharpen your photo which will make it no bueno. The sharpening option can be accessed once you click the wrench in VSCO.

4.) Composition is everything on Instagram. A great way to make your photos look professional is shooting from above. Either shooting food or shooting your #ootd, an ariel view of your subject is great! But when your shooting from above make sure your background or table top is simple, because you don’t want the background to clash with your subject.

5.) Instagram is designed around square photos, but sometimes your image doesn’t fit in that square. Have no fear, you can easily fix that by adding negative space around your image so that it fits. It may seem weird, but its better to show your full image then cropping something out of it.

So these are my top 5 tips to mastering the art of Instagram, hope you learned something! Please, let me know if you have any of your own to share!

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