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cameraguide Hey friends, your trusty co-pilot in photography Harrison is back, bringing you another photo post! Did you like the first one? So another question I get all the time, and by that I mean I really can’t even describe how much I get this question, is what camera do you use?

Ok so, you want to step up your photo game from your iPhone, yet you have no idea what camera to buy? There are four pretty simple breakdowns to this. First off, you can get started with an awesome point and shoot that will allow you to control all the camera settings just like a professional DSLR. Fun fact of the day, a DSLR stands for a digital single lens reflex in homage to a film single lens reflex camera. But here is my breakdown for each category of cameras! Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! 

Point and Shoots: The two I would recommend are the Samsung NX500 or Canon PowerShot G16. The reasons why I pick these two is because they not only have great sensors and image quality, but they have full manual controls along with built in wifi to transfer your images to your phone on the spot! (Now I’m talking your blogger language, am I right?!)

Entry Level DSLR: Now I’d pick the Nikon D3300 or Canon t6i. Again both of these cameras are both exact in image and video quality and both have built in wifi function. My advice with these cameras is playing with them in store and figuring out which one is easier and smoother to navigate. I personally shoot Canon but I have many friends who shoot Nikon and swear by it.  The wise tale between professional photographers is that Nikon is known for being a bit crisper with images, but Canon is better at capturing colors. Whatever floats your boat.

Mirrorless Cameras: Now mirrorless cameras are newer to the photo scene due to the technology behind it. If you feel like reading all about it, I highly recommend it and here is a link to a great article about mirrorless cameras. My two personal favorites out there right now are the Fujifilm X-T1 or the Nikon 1 J5.  The advantages to these cameras are that they are smaller and lighter then any DSLR, but still have interchangeable lenses and great image sensors.

Professional DSLR: Now here’s what I really know the most about. Just for a reference my DSLR is a Canon 6D. It was designed to be a portrait forward camera with great low light capabilities. So of course it is going to be one of my recommendations because it’s a great camera with not a too terrible price tag. The only downside to it is that it isn’t waterproof, so sadly no rain boot shoots. My other recommendation would be the Nikon D810. Now this camera is one of the more expensive cameras, but it is a great all around camera for any type of photography or videography you could imagine. You may be saying, “Harrison you seem to favor Nikon and Canon.” I say no! Those just are the biggest competitors in the camera industry. If you are looking for a different camera look into the Sony A7ii. It is just as equal powerhouse as these Nikon and Canon cameras, but it is a mirrorless camera built to compete with the big boys.

I really hope y’all enjoyed this little insight to cameras. I’m sorry if I didn’t go into every single detail about each camera, but I believe that you can create beautiful photographs with any type or age of camera, heck outside of the blog most of the time I shoot with a Mamiya 645J which is not only a film camera, but also one that doubles my age. So get out there, play around with some cameras and have a good time! Next time I’ll be talking about lenses and which one you should pick for what type of shooting, so tune in for that!

photo via DeathToStock

Written and Curated for the LCC by Harrison Albert

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  1. Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    Published September 24, 2015Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Yay, we’re glad you liked it!


      Published September 24, 2015Reply
  2. Brittany said:

    Amazing post- I love photography posts!! It is so hard deciding on which camera to go with (not to mention how to actually use it!!), but I love how you broke it down and made it a little less overwhelming!


    Published September 24, 2015Reply
    • Taylor said:

      Yay, thanks for stopping by!


      Published September 24, 2015Reply
  3. Thanks for this very helpful post! I’ve been looking to upgrade my camera and the Nikon D3300 has been at the top of my list. This was a great breakdown of the various options on the market.


    Published September 24, 2015Reply
  4. Samantha said:

    I’ve been using a Canon 40D for several years but don’t want to lug it around Europe. Going to check out the G16!

    Published September 25, 2015Reply