It’s Common Sense: Home Safety Tips For Women

Did you ever think that some of your daily habits may be jeopardizing your personal safety? While women are in no way responsible for tragic cases of assault against them, there are times when enhanced prevention measures could help lower the risk of kidnappings and acts of burglary or violence. According to former FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong, all women should know – and practice – a few solid precautionary measures that should keep them safer every day. Without further ado, here are a few of the most reliable and solid tips and advice to use to beef up security on your home.

Avoid Distractions When Walking Alonehome door lock and keys

  • It can be tempting to pick up your phone and call your best friend, catch up with your Mom, or chat with your buddies on Whatsapp or Facebook chat while walking by yourself. You may feel bored or alone and communicating with another human being at the other end of the phone may make you feel better. However, you are highly advised to drop your phone and focus on your steps and the surroundings. Sure, the person you are talking to might be able to call 911 for you in case of emergency; but this is not always the case.

  • Stay away from any games you may usually play on your phone while walking alone.

  • Try not to blast loud music into your headphones, as you will most definitely fail to hear the person walking behind you sneaking close to you to grab your purse.

  • Instead, keep your phone in an easily accessible place and make sure you are ready to call 911 as soon as you feel you are in real danger. Use the on-screen emergency button or preset one of the speed dial buttons to call an emergency number of your choice.

Lock Up When Getting Home

When walking home, make sure no one is following you in the street/parking lot. Get into the nearest drugstore or shop if you suspect someone might be following you. Call a friend to come over and accompany you home.

As soon as you get home, lock the door behind you and arm the alarm if you have one. If you don’t, you should seriously consider having one installed.

Check the windows as well and make sure they are properly secured with the safety bars/small locks on them.

Replace the old and worn-out or poor-quality lock on your front door with a single- or double cylinder deadbolt locks for enhanced security. If you would like to step into the future and enjoy more peace of mind and convenience, consider electronic or smart locks that allow you to use your smartphone to control your locks. Talk to an experienced and authorized locksmith like the guys at and see what are your best options according to your budget. Let them assess the state of your locks and fix, re-key, or replace locks that are no longer working fine. The sturdier the locks on your entry-points, the more difficult it will be for potential burglars to break into your home.

Use dark curtains that will prevent people in the street from seeing you in the privacy of your home, if you live at a ground-floor level. Never leave your home unlocked even if you need to run the shortest errand possible just across the street. It only takes a fraction of a second for an opportunist neighborhood thief with his eyes on your home to take advantage of the situation and sneak in.

Additional Common Sense Safety Tips For Women

  • Leave a spare key with one of your trusty neighbors or friends/relatives and rely on them in case of an accidental lockout. While emergency locksmith services that work 24/7 can come to your help in case of a lockout, it’s best to avoid having to wait for them to arrive on your porch in the middle of the night, while wearing your nightgown and slippers. If a lockout incident does happen to you, make sure you knock on the door of a neighbor you know you can rely on and ask them to accompany you when the locksmith shows up.

  • If you do not have at least one spare key, talk to a local locksmith and fix this.

  • Install sensor lights outside your house and fit surveillance cameras (even if they are dummy cameras) around the house/on the porch. They will deter most thieves.

  • Avoid putting your name on your apartment buzzer so only people you know can reach you.

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