How I Perfect My Curls!

curls aveda So I have tried every single type of product, styling tools, hairbrushes, etc in order to define these curls of mine. I went in phases where I’d wake up at unheard hours of the day to blow dry and straighten them, then a phase where all I’d do is throw it in a pony, and then I cut all of my hair off. When it was short luckily there wasn’t much curl to it. It would do a slight wave but I’d dry it and it’d be gone. Now in the process of growing it back out I’ve embraced the curl. I recently went to the salon and got my hair rehydrated, conditioned, and waved. I just wanted my curls to be defined and not just one big frizzy mess. Now every morning all I have to do is apply this miracle product by Aveda and dry with a large diffuser. It’s magic. If you are looking for that wonder hair potion here it is y’all.

Photos by Kelseysig

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