Hair Must Haves

studio-4 It’s Monday! I have been crazy all weekend between my mom visiting, two midterms due today, and getting this apartment straight. Today’s a quick post sharing with you my must have hair products! I have shared them before, but the new and improved routine is targeting strengthening my hair. With all of my previous processing and straightening, my hair is pretty brittle. This John Frieda Full Repair is really helping. Of course, I never replace my It’s A 10! The best product I’ve ever used by far. I use the round brush for blowing out my hair, and the flat brush for detangling, etc. Aveda’s Brilliant and Hair Potion are both great products that I’ve been using for years. I use the Brilliant Universal Styling Creme on my damp, curly hair. This keeps my curls looking fresh all day. If I am styling it and going for volume then I go for the Hair PotionBig Sexy Hair’s dry shampoo is by far the best I’ve tried. My mom and I went on a spree last year where we were trying out all of the hottest dry shampoos and then reporting our finds to each other. This was the winner for my hair. It always gives me that extra “umph” for when I haven’t freshly washed my hair!

What are your hair must haves?

Photo by Harrison

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  1. Judith said:

    i should use hair conditioner, unless my hair will so frizz.

    Published June 2, 2016Reply