Friday Five | 4.10.15

Blog_4.10.15Do you know what our favorite thing about it being Friday is? Other than the weekend of course, it’s that it’s time for another Friday Five post! Grace is here to take it away on the top five articles of the week that you have to read..

1. Healthy Pesto Tomato and Broccoli Pasta – I’ve been loving this quick recipe for pesto pasta with veggies. Josh and I have made a couple different variations and our favorite has been when we added in fresh asparagus and switched out the traditional pasta for quinoa pasta. You can’t tell the difference and you’re getting a couple grams of protein with it!

2. How To Pronounce Designer Names – This handy guide spells out the industry’s most elite, hard to spell names so you don’t have to. Move forward with the confidence you need to pronounce the likes of Andrew Gn, Prabal Gurung, and Kim K’s bestie- Ricardo Tisci.

3. Best Packing Hacks and Fashion Hacks – Just in time for summer wedding season, the best fashion hacks (ever tried to get makeup out of a shirt before?) and packing hacks for that destination wedding you’ve been prepping for.

4. Adnan Syed’s Story Continues Post-‘Serial’ In A New Podcast – For those of us who have been filling the crime drama void in our lives with HBO’s The Jinx, the story that captured the hearts and minds of millions is back! A family friend of Syed has put together a continuation podcast which premieres this Monday. I know what I’ll be listening to on my Monday morning commute.

5. Brand By Hand: An Experimental Lettering Project – New Zealand graphic designer Sara Marshall sought to rethink some of the world’s most popular brands as hand lettered logos. Now, how can we get these to be real?

Written and Curated for the LCC by Grace Toulotte, United by Love Design

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