DIY Home Carpentry Projects

Have you ever been tempted to try to build something from scratch, and customize it just the way you like it? How good would you rate your handwork? Are you trying to save money and cut the stress of having to hire painters or carpenters who show up late and usually cost an arm and a leg? The good news is there are loads of DIY tutorials you should have no problem finding online. The bad news is that not all of them are detailed or self-explanatory enough. So you will need to filter the projects you find most appealing and make sure they will actually assist you start to finish, every step of the way. You won’t need a complete workshop or years of experience in terms of woodworking. You will simply need to rely on a few simple tools you probably already have around the house, and get ready to put on some elbow grease. Below we are going to give you a few examples of good carpentry projects you could do yourself, without too much effort.carpenters

Build Your Own Chopping Board

You can never have too many serving trays or chopping boards in the kitchen. Instead of constantly investing in buying new ones because of the inevitable wear-and-tear factor, you can focus on making your own boards and trays. You can create appealing chopping boards that are fully functional and have unique designs. You will need to learn how to dry-fit some parts, then scribe the arc and glue it all together. With the help of a 4-ft. steel ruler, the scribing of the arcs should run smoothly. A good tutorial online should tell you all about the importance of wood glue that is water-resistant.

Experienced carpenters or reliable tutorials online could also tell you about the need to maintain the boards as even as you can while gluing them, so sanding can be kept at a minimum.

Keep Your Shoes Protected With A Shoe Organizer

Storing your shoes anywhere you can find room for them is not always the best idea possible. Often times, more sensitive shoes made of certain fabrics tend to get scratched, stained, or end up with broken heels when stored the wrong way.

Storing your shoes off the floor means finding the right spots for them, and there is nothing better than a clean rack made from natural wood. It’s simple, convenient, and entirely safe, and will save you from a lot of hassle in the long term. Plus, this storage option allows you to store anything from winter boots to summer shoes and elegant high-heels, while eliminating the risk of damage caused by mud buildup. Also, you can say goodbye to pesky scuff marks on your walls. You can build a separate shoe organizer for each member of the household, to make things even more convenient.

You can also create special trays for storing your wet shoes on rainy or snowy days. Go online and do a quick search for the type and style of shoe racks you like most. Follow the instructions step by step and you should soon enjoy more room for your shoes than ever.

You could also consider building a wall-mounted shoe organizer on your own, if you do not have enough floor space for more shoe organizers. A shoe storage booster stool could also help you reach higher shelves in your closet, while safely preserving your shoes. You should have a 4 by 4 foot sheet of 3/4-inch plywood, finish nails, and wood glue.

Build Outdoor Wooden Benches

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, and you would like to have a nicely colored outdoor seating option at hand, build your own bench. Follow a classic or a more modern-day design for it and prepare two boards and some screws for it. You can even stain wood that has been treated under pressure.

You could also opt for a portable, multi-purpose step stool that should be finished in a few hours. Give it the color you want and use it as decoration into your new home, or find a more practical use for it.

Plus, you do not need to have any official carpenter training to make your own magazine organizer or storage container. However, certain jobs, such as building a new dresser or brand new living room furniture are best left into the skilled hands of trained and experienced carpenters like the ones Prosco can recommend to you. It’s better to know and accept your limits than to make non-functional or poorly designed pieces of furniture that only an expert carpenter can manufacture.

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