Behind The Scenes: Full Face Coverage

facenew Another post in the beauty series! I already shared my daily face routine here, but I recently discovered some new products that I wanted to share. First off is the Make Up Forever Concealer. I have tried out a million different types of concealers, ranging from cheap to this one being the most expensive (but totally worth it). It is also so important when applying concealer, and foundation, to have to correct brushes. Makeup brushes can be expensive, but just think of them as your paint brushes! I probably think this way because I’m an art student, but I look at applying makeup as painting a blank canvas. Once you’ve painted your canvas you want it to stay there right?! Well that’s why I am now in love with Urban Decay’s All Nighter. All you have to do is apply 2-3 sprays in a T formation and ta-da! I am praising this stuff. Seriously. Go out and buy it right now!

Photo by Harrisonsig

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